Grocery Shop Like A Pro

The grocery store is full of delicious temptations that are strategically placed so that we make impulse purchases. This is why being prepared before you go and knowing how to shop for what you need is important!

The food you eat directly affects your health. It can and will impact your mood, energy levels, health and waistline! Marlene Adelmann said it perfectly, “When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation.”

By learning how to grocery shop you will:

  • Create your basic template of items to always keep on hand
  • Always be prepared with a list
  • Get excited about new to you items like fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Understand how to navigate the isles
  • Become knowledgeable about how to choose the best meat, fish and dairy
  • Understand how to really read nutrition labels
  • Get my recommendations on specific brands
  • Break the all or nothing, good food/bad food mindset
  • Save both money & time!

This program is suitable for everyone, no matter your dietary preference including paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Changing my diet and mindset about food as transformed my life. I would be honored to help you change yours!